Tēnā koe,

With just a few weeks remaining until the August 1 registration deadline, Te Kaunihera Manapou Paramedic Council would like to thank all those who have already registered and obtained their annual practising certificates (“APC”). Just over 1500 paramedics are now registered, with 1350 also holding APCs.

We would like to remind everyone once again of the August 1st, 2021 registration deadline for all practising paramedics to be registered and hold an APC.

For paramedics who are not currently practising as paramedics (including those currently on extended leave from employment), but intend on practising in the future, you have until May 21st, 2022 to register. If you are unsure about whether you will need a practising certificate, please contact us at [email protected].

Please note: no action will be taken against paramedics who have submitted their applications before the deadline but have not received confirmation of their registration or APC.

Plan for development of the EMT scope of practice, qualifications, and pathway to registration

Kaunihera Manapou will, later in the year, begin work on developing the scope, prescribed qualifications, and pathways to registration for Emergency Medical Technicians (“EMTs”). It is anticipated that this work will extend through 2022 and will then require Kaunihera Manapou to consult on the proposed scope of practice, the qualifications required, and the standards of practice or competencies aligned to the new scope.

Kaunihera Manapou is aware that this will be a significant change for the workforce and has spent some time considering and balancing the expected additional cost to the regulation of EMTs against the important benefits to public safety. Te Kaunihera Manapou will also consult on a fee for registration and an Annual Practising Certificate fee (APC).

We are aware that EMTs practise semi-autonomously to their specified level of capability; and this practice has significant impacts and risk to the public. Therefore, Kaunihera Manapou is of the view that the clear and identifiable risk to public safety from EMT practice warrants regulation.

We note that there are different education pathways to work as an EMT compared with a Paramedic. Most EMTs do not complete the same degree qualification as for the Paramedic scope of practice. We will look at pathways to registration for EMTs acknowledging experience and education.

Kaunihera Manapou looks forward to working closely with the sector to ensure we undertake this important work of regulating EMTs to protect the public and ensure that EMTs are fit and competent to practise.

Specialist Scope of Practice

We would also like to advise Kaunihera Manapou has also begun considering the development of a third scope of practice, the Specialist Paramedic. This development work is expected to be sequenced to follow the development of the EMT scope of practice and is likely to extend beyond 2022.

If you have any questions regarding anything mentioned above, please contact us at [email protected]

Ngā mihi nui,